Climate Investment Platform


Clear, transparent, and long-term policies and regulations are key to attract clean energy investments.

The absence of regulatory frameworks and technological expertise poses an investment risk.

Despite the increasing global demand for commercial capital to flow at scale, many countries still lack advanced frameworks guiding the transition from fossil fuel-based to zero-carbon energy sectors. As on-the-ground projects attract the majority of investments, funding for laying these ground rules can be difficult to access.

A one-stop shop for clean energy policies, the Climate Investment Platform aims to declutter and streamline the current policy support space.

Our network of policy and technical experts guides client countries at every step of the way from designing to implementing to enforcing effective sustainable energy policies that are tailored to national priorities, targets, and needs.

” A one-stop shop for clean energy policies, we aim to declutter and streamline the current policy support space.”


We organize our work around three main workstreams to provide the best value for our client countries.

Matching supply and demand

We connect countries in need of policy support with our trusted partner institutions offering the respective expertise. Our central goal is to simplify the process of scaling up green energy policies around the world.

Raising political ambition

We help to raise political ambition and commitment to putting in place robust clean energy policies and regulations. Our aim is to promote impactful, system-wide change.

Identifying and closing support gaps

We create a space for our partner institutions to align activities, identify gaps in support and work together to close these gaps. This ensures a truly efficient, streamlined policy support process.

” We connect our clients with competent partners to streamline the development of policies. “


We deliver hands-on, technical expertise in the form of a comprehensive menu of policy instruments across the value chain of the energy sector.

Major areas for our technical support include, but are not limited to:

Renewable energy

Our interventions in renewable energy comprise both the electricity and heat sector. Within the electricity sector, the scope includes three sub-sectors: utility-scale, distributed generation, and off-grid electrification.

Based on the national and local context, services can range from a holistic approach to more specific interventions, such as:

  • national renewable energy frameworks auction schemes
  • net-metering policies
  • off-grid electrification regulatory frameworks
  • pay-as-you-go policies

Productive sectors

In the productive sectors, we offer a suite of policy measures for buildings, appliances, industrial energy efficiency as well as low-carbon transport.

Possible policy instruments include:

  • green building codes
  • energy management system policies
  • standards for appliances
  • standards for industrial systems
  • time-of-use tariffs for peak shifting
  • integrated policy measures for low-carbon transport

Energy finance

Our coalition of experts helps to bring stability, liquidity, and transparency to the capital markets to attract and sustainably scale-up private sector investment.

We support countries’ energy finance with policy measures relating to:

” We deliver hands-on, technical support across the value chain of the energy sector.”

  • financial sector reform policies
  • green bond policies
  • policies for new asset classes
  • fintech regulatory frameworks
  • impact indicators for investment
  • carbon market instruments