About Us

As a global public good with the overarching objective of decluttering the climate finance landscape and providing integrated and streamlined support to developing countries, emerging economies and the private sector, the CIP uses a coherent and integrated approach that leverages synergies among key partnerships to deliver a more effective, measurable, implementable and replicable climate development impact.

Our ultimate goal is enabling the realization of ambitious climate targets. Our service focuses on four key building blocks or tracks: Climate targets in the context of nationally determined contributions (NDCs), policies and regulations, financial de-risking, and access to capital markets. The Platform offers an integrated upstream and downstream approach to declutter the financing landscape while delivering a system-wide transformation.

“An inclusive partnership for governments, international organizations and the private sector providing an integrated and streamlined support to drive accelerated and scaled-up climate investment and to achieve ambitious NDCs”


The Platform will offer services covering a number of key thematic issues – referred to as ‘service lines’ – across both mitigation and adaptation. The Platform is framed around four tracks: ambitious NDCs, policies and regulation, financial de-risking, and access to capital markets.

Each track will bring together a coalition of key partner institutions and initiatives, under which the platform will promote coherence across partners’ initiatives, and facilitate streamlined connections between clients and partner institutions to provide its services to clients.

“Each track acts as a building block, addressing a key step in the climate investment value-chain, and together the four tracks propose a comprehensive framework to deliver system-wide transformation”